Taking Best-In-Class Analytics Even Further into the Cloud

By | October 22, 2013

Pretty often I hear cloud analytics discussions begin with what seems like the wrong question: how is it different?  The truth is, when it’s done right there is no difference beyond geography and who you want to have handle the deployment headaches. Indeed, Teradata has already built a reputation for optimizing  the cloud’s potential for enterprise-class analytics with a unique blend of simplicity and massive computing power, all the while sidestepping common cloud-based pitfalls around security, privacy, downtime, data loss and latency issues.

I’ve written before about this and how we deliver fast, clear, accurate, affordable and secure data analytics for competitive advantage with a range of public, private and hybrid cloud deployment models that we customize for each client.  For years we’ve helped customers like the retail and e-commerce beverage company BevMo! with turnkey, fully managed public cloud solutions for data warehousing needs.  And we’ve developed solutions with elastic, on-demand performance in a private cloud environment for publishing giant Meredith and other companies that may have significant IT departments, but nonetheless want to optimize their own DBAs’ time and need to reap extra performance and value from data, especially during usage spikes.

This week at our Partners User Group Conference in Dallas, we have taken our leadership in cloud analytics even further. On Monday, we introduced Teradata Cloud, a comprehensive program to further expand our cloud offering to include all elements of our Unified Data Architecture analytics framework, including discovery, data management, professional services, industry starter kits and other components.

You can learn a lot more in our news release on Teradata Cloud’s unique capabilities that create a combination of analytic horsepower and choice for customers about which data, or which analytics, they want to put in the cloud. Teradata’s analytic heft comes from the most advanced and high-performance analytic data warehouse, a discovery platform for sophisticated path and graph analysis on multi-structured data and Hadoop data management for bringing together all data and all analytics.

The solution is seamless whether it’s designed for a customer as hybrid or fully public cloud-based.  Our virtual capabilities also come with no performance compromises, that all-too-common asterisk slipped in by some other cloud analytics providers. And with pay-as you go pricing, rapid provisioning and scalability on demand, Teradata Cloud smashes economic – as well as geographic – barriers to access for companies that need solid, best-in-class analytics for competitive advantage.  While many other cloud analytics providers are still working on proof of concept, we have proof of value – both in our current customer base that will continue to benefit, and most recently in the form of announcements I have been honored to make this week about two very high profile customers who have now signed on with Teradata Cloud.

Netflix has changed the face of entertainment, and I’m proud to say the media giant has now chosen Teradata for a cloud solution – after an exhaustive evaluation of cloud databases – for massively-parallel analytics on data representing more than a billion hours of programming watched every month by 37 million members in 40 countries. As Netflix’s preferred cloud analytics vendor, Teradata will manage sophisticated and extremely high speed integration and processing of high concurrency, mixed workloads involving multi-structured data at the multi-petabyte scale – all under a flexible, pay-as-you-go cloud delivery model.

Procter & Gamble, meanwhile, has just minted a new multi-year agreement with us for an end-to-end Consumer Insight cloud analytics solution.  Teradata will serve as the foundation technology platform for P&G’s award-winning cloud-based Global Consumer Relationship Management program, which connects with millions of individual consumers across the globe. With Teradata, P&G will now be able to consolidate all program activity into a single, scaled solution that is delivered as a cloud-based, end-to-end service managed by Teradata Professional Services. The result will be better insights on how consumers want to engage, allowing P&G to further tailor and personalize content for more meaningful and lasting relationships.

Check out our news releases on Netflix and P&G to learn more about our work with these respected market leaders. As these new partnerships demonstrate, even major companies with significant technology resources of their own turn to us for cloud analytics because it simply makes it easier for their internal staff to deliver applications faster.

This is an era of fast changing BI requirements, and it’s not always possible for companies to go through a capital cycle to build a new analytic application, and for many medium-sized businesses, there may not be a data center to house their data warehouse.  That’s why we’ve invested in Teradata Cloud, and the success stories we’ve already seen to date show this investment is paying off for our customers.

Scott Gnau

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