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Teradata Aster makes it Easy to Unlock New Insights from Hadoop Data

August 24, 2016

Hadoop requires specialized skills. It is relative of course, but in the last couple of years, as many companies have deployed significant Hadoop infrastructure, there has been a lot said and written on this point. It takes substantial time and technical resources to get Hadoop up and running at most companies. An article in the… Read More »

Digital Transformation: Are You Winning Battles, Yet Losing the War?

July 22, 2016

Is it possible to win battles yet lose the war? Absolutely. And, it happens more often than you’d think. History (and business) is littered with many such examples. The most famous one in history is the classic example of Hannibal, who won a string of impressive victories from 218-201 BC for Carthage against Rome yet… Read More »

The Future Of Hadoop Is Cloudy, With A Chance Of Growing Ecosystem

July 15, 2015

Some may argue that there are only three certainties in life, death, taxes and Hadoop. In its report on Hadoop predictions for 2015, tech analyst firm Forrester, calls Hadoop a “rising star” in data analytics and claims “Hadooponomics,” the economics of storing and analyzing data in Hadoop, as the trigger that feeds a robust ecosystem of new tools… Read More »

The Ergonomics of Human-Data Interaction

May 7, 2015

Today’s analytics revolution is as much about the ergonomics of human-data interaction as it is about big data technology itself.  And, the more I’ve looked into this human/data nexus, the more it’s become clear to me how today’s big data frontier also happens to be the latest frontier in the very old discipline of ergonomics. Put simply,… Read More »

Is Your Enterprise ‘Sentient?’ Building A Smarter, More Agile Business

April 23, 2015

For me, the big data and analytic revolution is as much about psychology, culture and workforce dynamics, as it is about big data technology itself. I’ll be discussing a range of topics in posts to come, but many will relate to a new concept I’ve been calling “the Sentient Enterprise.” The Sentient Enterprise is an… Read More »