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Is Your Business Agile? These Three Ways Can Help You Find The Answer

September 2, 2015

I dedicated a recent blog post on the definition of the word “agility,” and for good reason. Finding ways for your business, and the analytics it runs on, to become and remain agile, even at global scale, is no small task; but the payoff is huge in terms of gaining competitive advantage in existing markets and leveraging… Read More »

Is Your Enterprise ‘Sentient?’ Building A Smarter, More Agile Business

April 23, 2015

For me, the big data and analytic revolution is as much about psychology, culture and workforce dynamics, as it is about big data technology itself. I’ll be discussing a range of topics in posts to come, but many will relate to a new concept I’ve been calling “the Sentient Enterprise.” The Sentient Enterprise is an… Read More »