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Struggling to Get Faster Data-Driven Insights? Take this Lesson from the Telecom Industry

June 17, 2015

Sometimes we can overcome dilemmas in one sector by looking to entirely different industries for challenges met and lessons learned: The context may be different, but the insights and solutions can be strikingly similar. That’s certainly the case for big data analytics as we seek to loosen IT roadblocks, democratize data access and break down… Read More »

Will Data Anarchy Shut Down The Big Data Revolution?

June 4, 2015

I wrote in my previous post how companies should try to to cultivate a LinkedIn-style culture of collaboration around analytics so business users throughout the organization can stay engaged, energized and accountable when it comes to data. I included the caveat that this do-it-yourself urge among employees to innovate and experiment should be harnessed, but only if you can… Read More »