The Digital Marketer’s Power Guide to Buying Email Marketing Software

Sunday September 25th, 2016

With the quickly evolving digital channels and robust changes in technology, do you ever feel like you are struggling to keep above the quicksand? With this difficult-to-excel digital world comes a dependence on reliable, effective and accurate software that can solve complex problems, offer competitive advantages and drive maximum value to a business. That’s a… Read More »

7 Hot Topics Coming out of Dmexco 2016

Thursday September 15th, 2016

Source I am feeling pretty lucky right now as this is my first time attending Dmexco. There are so many interesting sessions and keynotes running in parallel, great topics and inspiring speakers. My biggest frustration is that you simply can’t manage to attend everything you would like to. Also, there are many exhibitors and it’s… Read More »

Dmexco Digital Trends: 7 Marketing Influencers Reveal Their Predictions For the Event

Sunday September 11th, 2016

Dmexco is just around the corner and the excitement is starting to build. What an event it will be this year. Especially with the big revelation of the companies new brand name! Curious? Come meet us at hall 8, booth # C049/D048 Aside from our ‘big reveal’ equally exciting is what new digital trends will be… Read More »

5 Ultra Effective Email Marketing Strategies to Push You to The Top of The Class

Monday September 5th, 2016

Back-to-school is the second largest retail holiday in the U.S, just behind the winter holidays. This year, it’s expected to rake in an unbelievable $828 billion!  But here’s the problem. As email marketers, I know we all face that fear, especially during retail holiday seasons, where we ask ourselves, “is my email going to stand… Read More »

21 Mobile Shopping Statistics That Prove Mobile Is Taking Over the World

Monday August 29th, 2016

Do you have a smartphone? You might be thinking “what a silly question for the 21st century” – and you are right. Nowadays, mobile phones have become an inseparable part of our lives. If you forget your phone at home you feel like you have left a part of your body there too.  Source One… Read More »

No ‘Happy Flow’ Without a DMP: How DMP Accelerates Your Digital Marketing

Monday August 22nd, 2016

The happy flow. Getting visitors and customers so swept up in the intuitive customer experience you offer them that they can’t click on the ‘Buy now’ button quickly enough and sell their soul to you for eternity. That is contextual marketing: offering the right message, at the right time, across the preferred channel based on insight… Read More »

6 Technologies To Protect Your Brand in Email Marketing

Wednesday August 17th, 2016

  Since the beginning of e-mail in the 1980s, security has been an important topic. Most of us still have the “Heartbleed” issue from 2014 in our recent memories which enabled attackers to steal information which should have been encrypted. While there was not much possibility to fight spam or authenticate senders in the beginning… Read More »

Visual Analytics – the Missing Link In Your Social Listening Strategy

Monday August 15th, 2016

Are you using visuals in your content and marketing campaigns? Of course, you are. Visuals are key for getting our audiences’ attention. With 70 million photos uploaded per day on Instagram alone, we know that our audience is also busy sharing a lot of visual content on their own part. But how do you keep… Read More »

The Ultimate Digital Marketing Events Calendar to Get You Through the Events Season

Monday August 8th, 2016

With the marketing environment changing continuously we have to stay up-to-date with the current events, trends and discussions. We do this by consuming tons of content, but physical events keep on having the advantage of enabling us to network and have actual conversations with peers. They give us the latest insights, ability to meet like-minded people,… Read More »

3 Omni-Channel Marketing Campaigns that Beat the Competition

Monday August 1st, 2016

How hyped are you for the 2016 Summer Olympics? Sports fans across the globe don’t have to be reminded that this is the main topic being talked about on social media. In the spirit of the 2016 Olympics I wanted to nominate the 3 top brands that should get a medal for their omni-channel marketing campaigns. Gold… Read More »