Pokémon Go Marketing Campaigns Can Drive You An Insane Amount of Traffic. Here is How

Monday July 18th, 2016

We all tend to have nostalgic flashbacks from time to time. Whether it’s your first love or a cool trip you took back in 2000 you get that feeling of warmth and security. Perhaps this is the secret behind the incredible success of the new Nintendo’s game Pokémon Go.” The new mobile game took US,… Read More »

Key Trends From Performance Marketing Insights: Google Voice, Individualization and SEO

Monday July 11th, 2016

Source: PMI It always excites me to be amongst other digital marketers and hearing their ideas and thoughts on trends in the market. So, when I was asked to join a content marketing panel during PMI this was my opportunity. The event had over 80 speakers within 2 days with many international attendees. With the beautiful… Read More »

8 Summer Marketing Tips to Set Off the Fireworks

Monday July 4th, 2016

Source As Americans kick off their summer with celebrating July 4th, how are you going to be sure to set off your summer marketing fireworks? As marketers, the summer months can be a real challenge for engaging with our customers. Whether they are traveling, spending time with the family or just taking in some sun… Read More »

It is a Great Time to be a Marketer!

Wednesday June 29th, 2016

“It is a great time to be a marketer.” I read that statement in Yael Kochman’s recent post about Connect 2016, and it stood out to me. I couldn’t agree more. As one attendee at Connect put it, “Marketing has become a rollercoaster.” With all of the talent, knowledge sharing, and technology out there, now… Read More »

Email Marketing Statistics Learned By Analyzing 1.3 Million+ Emails With Video Ads

Wednesday June 29th, 2016

Act on personal data. That’s what everyone is saying, right? One of the problems with data is that sometimes there is simply too much of it, or in other cases, not enough. One of the most popular problems with data is that we’re unsure of what to do with the data we already have. >… Read More »

4 Brexit Marketing Lessons That Will Inspire You

Monday June 27th, 2016

Were you surprised by the results of Brexit? I sure was. My poetic colleague Simon Goddard wrote to me in an email on Friday that “The sun is out in Winchester but there is so much doom and gloom it might as well be pouring with rain. Strange days ahead.” This vote was an outright… Read More »

Marketing in the Age of the Customer

Tuesday June 21st, 2016

Consumers today have become quite adept. They get what they want, when they want it, and in the amount of time they want it. How can marketers keep up with those types of expectations? In short, marketing organizations need to find a way to put consumers at the center of everything. As Forrester Research would… Read More »

6 Hottest Digital Marketing Trends at Connect 2016

Wednesday June 15th, 2016

Well, my long awaited buildup to Connect 2016 finally actualized – I am here! As for the weather I am quite relieved it’s actually not bad, not warm but not cold either and thumbs up- no rain either. As for the hotel, it is very nice and close to the venue which gives me a… Read More »