Teradata Is One Of The Top 25 Companies For Global Social Media Engagement On LinkedIn –Here’s How We Did It

By | Monday July 21st, 2014

Graphic courtesy of Brian Solis.

After eight months of research, LinkedIn and Altimeter Group have published a list of the Top 25 Socially Engaged Companies on LinkedIn. I’m thrilled – but not at all surprised – to report that Teradata is on the list, joining companies like Google, Bloomberg, Yahoo and Visa.

How did LinkedIn and Altimeter Group compile their Top 25?

First, they evaluated companies based on how they use LinkedIn to engage employees and customers in the following areas:
• Content marketing
• Employee engagement
• Talent and recruitment
• Sales

Then, they conducted targeted and controlled surveys to gather insights into how employees feel about their company’s use of social media.
It was a rigorous (and no doubt, massive!) process, but as Brian Solis points out, even more important than the list itself is what these companies can teach about the importance of customer and employee engagement.

According to Solis, the Top 25 Socially Engaged Companies actively invest in employee and customer engagement. Why? Because as he says, doing so positively impacts the bottom line and more so, improves relationships and opportunities for reciprocity and greater productivity and collaboration. In addition, Solis notes that at the Top 25:
• Employees are empowered to be brand ambassadors.
• Employees are more engaged and optimistic.
• Social media engagement contributes to competitive advantage.

For Teradata, I’d add one more distinguishing characteristic:
• We’re data-driven.

How does being data-driven help with employee and customer engagement?

As I’ve mentioned before, the key is to realize that data is a reflection of people . . . and that you need to start leveraging all the data that’s available to you. You need to tear down silos and start unraveling the data hairball strand by strand so you can analyze the data and uncover insights. Once you do, you’ll begin to better understand your customers, your employees, your processes, your campaigns –and that, in turn, will lead to better business performance.

At Teradata, we know that being data-driven is now fundamental to successful employee and customer engagement. We’ve seen our customers benefit from a data-driven approach. We’ve seen how a data-driven approach has transformed our own business.

Solis summed it up: “When companies invest in relationships with customers, employees, prospects and partners, they reap benefits measured in competitiveness, profitability, loyalty, and advocacy.”

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