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Posted on: February 7th, 2012 by Philip Storey 2 Comments

It’s only February, and the email industry in 2012 is already absolutely buzzing with innovative ways of using the channel to do all sorts of things. In this post, I highlight three brands that – in my opinion - have lead the way so far.


I’ve been impressed with the way that eBay’s email marketing programme has evolved over the past year or so. A while back, they started sending emails out asking users to rate the content within the email. They did this by asking recipients to click on the image for the star rating they wanted to give the email, and I imagine it was used as a kind of quantitative way of measuring sentiment amongst email openers, effectively allowing them to score the content they’ve just seen.

I haven’t used eBay for a few months, so I was pleasantly surprised to see that they acknowledged this in the email they sent me this morning (below). They have incentivised me to come back and shop, by offering a 10% off voucher for my next purchase, which is a great pull. This eBay email is single-minded, easy to understand, and also makes great use of personalisation throughout.

ebay email

ebay email


I recently bought an item on the Amazon.co.uk site, and experienced the usual high standard of post-purchase messages that they send, but this time I got something extra. Approximately a week after delivery, they sent me an email asking me to review my purchase. What made this different, is the fact that I was able to rate my purchase and write a review, within the email itself!

This appears to be achieved by simple but effective segmentation by ISP, as many email clients strip the code that is required to place a web form in an email. This worked a treat in my Gmail account and I left a review straight away.

Amazon email

Amazon email

First Choice Holidays

My third and final example of great email marketing this year so far is from First Choice Holidays. Their email below is a nice example of through the line advertising and marketing, heavily featuring imagery from their recent television advertising campaign. The layout is strong, the HTML structure is faultless and the consistency of headlines, pricing, copy and calls to action is excellent.

This example of best in class email design highlights what you can do with content in just one email, without it feeling too long or over-cooked. Notice just how many offers there are in the email below – something for everyone, and structured in such a clever way, that it never feels anything like there are over thirty deals in there. 

This is a great year to be involved in email marketing.

The three emails I’ve shown you in this post, show just some of the exciting work I’ve seen across the industry so far this year. As technological barriers are overcome, and marketers become more and more innovative, there’ll be plenty more interesting campaigns to look forward to throughout the year.

First Choice email

First Choice email

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