Google’s Easter Eggs

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Google Easter EggsIn the spirit of the weekend ahead, I wanted to share some of Google’s Easter eggs…however these have nothing to do with chocolate, more to do with a bit of Google fun!

If you haven’t heard of Google Easter eggs before, a Google spokesperson described them as ‘simply little fun surprises to be discovered by our users to make their Google experiences even more fun and put a smile on their face’. So, if you’re looking for a bit of down time on this ‘virtual Friday’…look no further!

Warning: The term fun is used subjectively here by an online marketing geek!

Google Doodle’s are an obvious example of the company’s sense of humour, however they have cleverly designed some ‘hidden’ treats for the more tech savvy users. (these features don’t work in IE, only Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers)

Do a barrel roll:

The gamers out there will recognise this first feature, if you type ‘do a barrel roll’ into the Google search bar the page will flip 360 degrees! Absolutely pointless…but addictive when you’ve been sat in front of a computer all day and you fancy a bit of distraction.


If you type ‘askew’ or ‘tilt’ in to the Google search bar, the screen will slightly tilt.


Have a look at what happens when you type in a search - pictures and words will fly around the screen, which can be controlled with the cursor.


This feature makes your Google searches crash to the floor and stack up as you go.
There are lots more Google Easter Eggs to be found. When Google were asked why they produced these features, a spokesperson said ‘I don’t think it’s important but it’s always good to have a sense of humour’. If you’re trying a few of these out at your desk…make sure your boss has one too!

Happy Easter!

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